25 thoughts on “HTC one battery tips”

  1. I usually keep my phone on the lowest brightness setting while I’m at home,
    because it’s always pretty dark in my apartment. When I’m out though, I
    find that 15-25% brightness is PLENTY, unless I’m in direct sunlight.
    Also, thank you for the video. I didn’t know I could disable all the
    T-Mobile bloatware on my phone. 

  2. Great video, thanks for the tips. I am now getting full day (16 hours) on a
    single charge with about 20% remaining. Cheers

  3. Yes I pop magic my battery has got a lot worse since the update aswell as
    seemingly slowing down the phone in general

  4. THANK YOU! I’m awaiting delivery of my HTC ONE – I will be using your video
    when I unbox it, and following all your tips!!!

  5. Powerbanks could be the most helpful when it comes to extending the battery
    life. They are really efficient especially when you are traveling. Battery
    life is really a serious issue for smartphones. Companies should focus on
    this once when they think of new flagship phones to release.

  6. Hi mate , how do i disable weather update on my phone. I did it before but
    cant seem to find the setting now. thanks.

  7. hey thanks for the video. do you know how to view emojis on the htc one?
    can’t see any emojis on instagram, etc

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