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HTC One: Tips & Tricks: TechRadar Mobile and Tablets Writer John McCann guides you through three handy and easy-to-follow tips and tricks for the HTC One. Fo...

Question by Omar: How to manually update htc one xl telstra to android 4.1 jellybean?
Please pals can anyone tell me where to find official Telstra android 4.1 Rom(not at&t) for my HTC one x, I want to install it manually, thanks in advance

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Answer by M. Qasim
You need to first root it... I have found a guide for HTC Explorer but I am sure the guide for HTC One XL would be same

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  1. I lovw HTC and for anyone who says its now woorth it believe me it is j got
    my chance to Cary it and see the specs awsone and the best

  2. I know you were hoping someone qualified would answer, but I believe there
    has been an update where it is moved to the top right corner (like in this
    video) for the majority of apps/things

  3. Please, don’t ignore me. I’m sure many people would like to know this, as I
    just read that some Android Central dude was complaining about the black 3
    dotted bar on the new Twitter update.

  4. Could you please tell us if that annoying 3 dotted black bar at the bottom
    CAN BE REMOVED in this phone? PLEASE, LET US KNOW. It easily removable on
    my One X and One X+

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