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Empfohlener Kauflink zum HTC One: In diesem Video seht ihr ein paar nützliche Tipps und Tricks sowie versteckte Funktionen zum neuen H...
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Question by Hannah: htc inspire vs. iphone?
at the moment i have an old iphone 3gs, 16g.
ive been using iphones ever since the first one came out. i love it and all but i'm ready for something a little new.
i really like the idea of the HTC inspire, but i dont know too much about it. I need to know the pros and cons of the inspire and whether or not people suggest it over the iphone. i could always go with the iphone 4 or 4s, but like i said im interested in something new. the only thing im concerned about is the fact that i'd have to jumble between an ipod touch and the htc inspire which i feel like would be a pain... let me know your opinions! thanks!

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Answer by Gabe
I'm sure the HTC inspire is a good phone and I feel you on wanting something new but here's a few reasons to stick with iPhone.

All the Apps you've bought for the iPhone would be money wasted if you switch to the Android marketplace. I don't know what you've bought but if you've put some serious cash into cool apps you might not want to lose them all. (also the Android marketplace is becoming more and more full of malware and buggy apps since they don't have a screening process like apple and just let any apps in. Ive read several reports of apps that can access your emails, contact and texts and steal information on the android marketplace)

The camera on the 4S is amazing. 8mp pictures, best low light performance out there in cell phone cameras AND it records in full 1080p High-Def video

Siri - it's really cool and no Android phone can do it.

You have 30 days. Buy the 4S and try it out for a few weeks. If you still feel you want something different, return it and go buy the HTC.

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  1. I’ve no idea what this dude is saying, I don’t speak a lick of German! But
    I would still much rather be sat here listening to German than a fat dumb
    cunt American! 

  2. Hallo swagtab Ich hab mir gestern das HTC One gekauft und alles läuft Top
    nur die vordere Kamera ruckelt wie verrückt …also beim anzeigen Weißt du
    vielleicht was da sein kann ?

  3. Screenshot funktioniert bei meinem One nur mit Wake/Sleep + Home-Taste …
    Keine Ahnung ob das durch das neue Update auf 4.2.2 geändert wurde :)

  4. ich bekomm zu mein geburtstag das htc one wegen dir weis ich jetzt wie mann
    sreenshots machen kann Danke !

  5. wie stehen die Chancen für ein htc Tablet 2013 ?? gibt es da schon Gerüchte
    oder feste Daten ?? :-) Super Video!

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