25 thoughts on “Htc one sv tips n tricks”

  1. Can anyone tell me if they know of any way to activate the wireless HotSpot
    feature on my One SV? Thanks for your time in answering if you do. :)


  2. How did you get your ring and your 3 buttons down the bottom red??? I put
    the alluminium skin on and the bars turned red but when i go to search my
    apps the light is just grey where yours is red?

  3. Yea the sound was tv lol yea on the bottom left u see a cam corder and a
    cam icon just tap that and it swiths them now to change o the front face
    cam u got to go threw setting and pick the front face c

  4. And yes the jelly bean start. Rolling out already so it come in waves when
    it come ill will update and show ya and.make a review so before u update
    and if there a problem with something like always lol so if you get it u
    can update but u. Ant back it up to ics so ill wait lol I’m. Going to
    update it so I can show u the bugs and problem to see if its worth the
    storage and time

  5. Nice videos but could you do a review of the beats audio on this phone
    please if you do I promise I’ll subscribe and keep making great htc videos

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