HTC One Tips: Setting Your Default Homescreen

By default, your HTC One has HTC's BlinkFeed™ set as the homescreen. This means that every time you hit the home button on your phone, you are taken to HTC B...
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The HTC One is still a fairly new device, yet the development support is growing rather quickly. New Sense ROMs are popping up left and right, and slight mod...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “HTC One Tips: Setting Your Default Homescreen”

  1. My homescreen used to default to the customized page– the black page you
    get to by tapping the box of 9 squares that sits between the text icon and
    the internet icon on the bottom of the screen… I liked that and would
    prefer that to remain as my homepage. Can you tell me how to set that up?

  2. How do you remove of change the feeds page that used to be the home page?
    Or is that not possible? I don’t have any feeds so having a page devoted to
    them seems kinda pointless to me…

  3. Only way I’m rooting is if someone tells me what this ROM or Theme he’s
    running in order to get the pop out side menu. Please message me. :)

  4. I know this video is old but allot of those features are now added into the
    4.3 update….Sense 5.5 update will even add more features.

  5. Hi, I have a question hope someone can answer. I search online but I have
    no luck finding the answer. So after installing xposed framework, everytime
    I press “install/update” my phone just auto reboots. does anyone know whats
    going on?

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