HTC One X Hints & Tips – Dock & Folders

Just to show how to customize the dock and folders on the HTC One X Help support my channel USA = UK = US Based...
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Question by Chrissy: How to take good pictures with your phone?
I have just discovered an interest in photography and I don't own a camera except the one on my phone. I was wondering if there are any tips anyone could give me to give my telephotos a professional flair. Oh, my phone is the HTC HD7 if that helps. Thanks!

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Answer by Meghan
You won't get the professional flair with a camera phone. You can use it to get some ideas on angles, etc- but you can't adjust any setting, learn anything about filters, etc on a camera phone.

Plus, no camera phone will give you the high quality resolution that a good camera will provide. But you can learn some basics- like angles and working with the generals of working with natural lighting.

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22 thoughts on “HTC One X Hints & Tips – Dock & Folders”

  1. is there a downloads folder on htc one x etc music downloaded from internet go to the folder. sam plz answer

  2. Sam, PLEASE can you do a hints and tips video on Dropbox? can you put music on it and stuff? thankyou :)

  3. There should be no One X vs SGS3, they’re both pretty awesome, but in the end it’s mostly the same, put a sense rom on SGS3 or touchwiz on 1X if you want, but everything comes down to personal preference… Let’s just get the iphone off any top x phones, it doesn’t deserve any atention at all

  4. :O ha, a no fair enough. Its just perfect for me cos i need a new phone and laptop and wouldnt mind a tablet either.

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