HTC Touch Pro 2 problems/tweaks?

Question by UNKNOWN: HTC Touch Pro 2 problems/tweaks?
I just got the HTC Touch Pro 2 last week and the stock ROM was just way too slow, and no matter what the phone froze after EVERYTHING I did I finally decided to install a custom ROM called MightyRom which is supposed to be faster, and it was running faster at first but now it's running slow again just like the last ROM. I thought maybe it was the RAM so I downloaded a program to clear all RAM and I make sure no programs are running, but yet even something as simple as reading SMS messages freezes the phone and I must reset it. Is there any trick to keeping it fast, or no matter what is it always going to slow down after a few days of use after installing a new ROM? Tips would be fantastic.

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Answer by Dodo
You can contact the customer care of HTC

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Question by Beastboy181195: HTC Touch Pro 2 Questions?
I have a HTC Touch Pro 2. It is a Sprint version and I got it as a b-day present from my cousin who lives in the US (I live in Canada btw). He got the phone unlocked and the phone now runs on Rogers.

My problem is that the phone is slooow like crazy! I have an 8gb memory card in it and I didnt even fill 1gb! The phone lags and its just messed up! I installed the new 6.5 Rom and now my battery life is running low.

Is my phone messed up because I switched networks? I know my phone does not suck because when I first got it, it was sooo cool and one of my friends has the same phone with Telus and it is pretty fast. Any tips/advice/help?

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Answer by Ketty Moor
May your phone’s softwae got any error while unlocking or later got curropt, as you are not able to use 8GB card too may your phone is not able to support that because of any software curruption. I suggest you to discusse about it with any expert or replace you software. If you feeeling that unlocking or switching various networks are making problem then use authentic unlocking system after software replacement. You can try this

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