I could not charge my Sony Ericsson K700i?

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Question by dept_of_comp_sci: I could not charge my Sony Ericsson K700i?
I just Brought Sony Ericsson K700i, I used it for 3-4 Hrs and battry is near to drain. I try to charge but notig is happning. Can you tell me please, what the problem should be?

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Answer by Adam D
maybe you have a bad battery

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  1. The very first thing you should have done after purchasing it was to charge it for at least 12 hrs WITHOUT any usage.
    A Sony Ericsson K700i has a usage talk-time of 7 hrs (or so it claims). I once talked for one and a half hours continuously and about a fourth of the battery was drained. As for not charging, the reasons could either be incorrect use of the charger, faulty electric plug point, incorrect position of the charger in the plug point, or a defective battery.
    I recommend that you should bring this problem to the notice of the dealer immediately, if my tips suggested above haven’t worked. I hope I’ve been of help!!!

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