I want to start running Linux Opp System. What computer is best?

Question by Inquisit: I want to start running Linux Opp System. What computer is best?
I want to start using Linux Opp System. I was told that Linux is a good opp system to use if one is interested in learning how to do some computer programming. Can a normal PC do the trick? What about an Apple, it is about the same as a PC or do Apple only run their own opp system?

I have been using PC all my life so I know nothing about Apple or Linux. Please help.

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Answer by EM
You can use just about any computer with linux. There are a number of distributions that will run on everything from an iPod to a Mainframe!

If you have a PC running windows, you can even run linux from Windows or Boot from a CD and never upset your Windows software.

There are tons of websites to get you started, so do a search for linux beginner and you will be on your way.

good luck!

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  1. I don’t know much about Apple, but you can install Linux on any normal PC.

    Before that Unix is for special hardware, but someone created Linux (90% same as Unix) to work on PC, and he still let us use his Linux for free on all over the world. This Linux OS is much better than Windows.

  2. No, you cannot use an Apple computer to do Linux. To start linux just install it on your blank HDD and go from there. Or, if you want to run two OS at the same time, which I do too, you can partition your HDD, and install the Linux OS on the blank partition. Choose the partition with the OS you want to run with to run first, then when you start your computer, you should be able to run the OS.

    PC and Linux can be run on the same machine, just not at the same time. Apple is a different breed of its own. (and it su*ks!)

  3. There are many versions and distributions of Linux. I have used Fedora Core, Mandrake , suse… this distributions must be installed on your Pc , and some distribution which runs from CD, Live CD like Debian, Damn Small Linux.
    To run linux you need at lest 600 Mhz Intel or AMD processor, 4 Gb free space, 8 mb video, 256 mb RAM… at leat… :d

    I you have a top computer is better :)

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