If you plan to buy a smartphone which one would you prefer and why?

Question by bellefire016: If you plan to buy a smartphone which one would you prefer and why?
I am planning to buy a smartphone but I am confused between Iphone 5, Blackberry Z10, Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung 3.

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Answer by Aldrich
I will prefer samsung3.

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  1. All the choices that u’ve mentioned run OS that r completely diffrent from each other.iOS,android,wp8 n bb 10 differ from each other in many ways.so it’s a matter of personal preference toward any particular ecosystem.i’d say
    ¤If u’ve heavily invested in itunes ecosystem n also have other apple gadgets(like macbook,ipod) then iphone 5 would be gud for u.if not then i don’t see much interesting things on it.
    ¤bb z10 has just been launched.now the bb10 doesn’t have many of popular apps at the moment as well as early reviews say that z10’s battery is terrible.so unless u absolutely love bbm u should skimp on it for the time being untill the issues r fixed.
    ¤ lumia 920 runs wp 8 which is very straightforward, colourful and fluid as well.the lumia 920 has a superb build,a great camera(arguably the best on a smartphone) and has great features like wireless charging,super sensitive screen that can also be operated with gloves(great for winters).on the downside it’s a bit thick and has quite a bit of heft @185 gm.so it won’t go unnoticed in ur pocket.however if u can manage it,it’s a great device.
    ¤ galaxy 3 is a great overall package.it runs on android 4.1 which is by far the most feature rich OS around.it also packs neat tricks like smart stay,smart dial,s voice,pop up play etc.so if u like tweaking ur devices, s3 is the best option.on the downsides the build of the phone is not as premium as some other highend phones.it can also be a bit large to hold in one hand for people with smaller hands.
    each handset has it’s + and – .choose what’s best for u.
    U can also wait for the upcoming xperia z/zl,htc m7 if u want the most cutting edge tech on ur phone.

  2. If I was to buy a phone, it wouldn’t be any of those. It would be the Samsung Galaxy Note II because of that massive screen and the features it has.

    But out of those few, well it depends on what each phone offers. iPhone 5 is a definite no for me as it’s too limited and doesn’t even come close to the number of features the other phones. The Blackberry Z10 as said in reviews, has a really crap battery life. The Nokia Lumia 920 would be fantastic in terms of durability. It’s also very fast because of Windows Phone, and it’s quite functional and easy to use. However, Windows Phone lacks some of the popular apps offered by some of the other platforms. The Samsung Galaxy S III is nice and also very functional and has a large variety of apps like on iPhone, it’s battery life is also quite impressive. But the phone is somewhat fragile.

    If I was to recommend one, I’d say it depends on what platform you want. If you’re in the Apple ecosystem (have a lot of Apple products and have an account), the iPhone would be best for you for that reason as well as having a large variety of apps and the ease of use of iOS. Blackberry Z10 would be for those that likes using BBM, but of course, you’d need a lot of people to make this worthwhile. For those that are social (always on Facebook, texting and etc.), the Nokia Lumia 920 would be better for those type of people. It’s also good for people who’s always dropping their phones as it’s a very durable phone. This is also the best phone for those that are in Microsoft’s ecosystem. The Galaxy S III is an all rounder and would suit those well if they are tied into the Google ecosystem (has a Google account and uses their services).

    It’s up to you.

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