INQ’s Cloud Touch to Challenge HTC’s Salsa and ChaCha ‘Facebook Phones’

INQ's Cloud Touch to Challenge HTC's Salsa and ChaCha 'Facebook Phones'

Social networking on mobile phones alongside an ever increasing number of people using their handsets to log on to the internet is thanks in no small part to the huge array of new smart phones being released by the mobile phone manufacturers.

The social network of choice for the majority of these users is Facebook which is being used via mobile applications as well a dedicated 'touch' site via the mobile internet to keep in touch with the users friends activities.

The recent launch of the Facebook Places features has further added to this addictive pastime allowing phone users to inform their friends of their exact location as well as upload photos if their surroundings and this amongst a whole raft of social networking features is set to trend further with the launch of a new phone from the mobile manufacturer INQ.

Their new INQ Cloud Touch handset does not require the user to open an application in order to view and update their Facebook credentials but instead displays a constantly updating plethora of social networking information on its home screen.

Users can simply press one button to take their phone out of the stand by mode and are presented with all of their friends movements, activities and status updates instantly.

There were rumours of dedicated Facebook phones just before this year's Mobile World Congress but what was actually announced were two new HTC phones sporting dedicated Facebook buttons.

These were the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha which both have this button underneath the main screen (underneath the keypad in the case of the HTC ChaCha) which actually glows automatically when the software in the phone determines that what the user is doing might be of interest to share with their friends.

This might sound a little annoying but not having to log into an application is a real time saver if the user is a prolific social networker ordinarily anyway.

Unlike these two new HTC phones the new INQ Cloud Touch could be described as a dedicated Facebook phone as the very first thing the user will see is a stream of their friends updates as soon as they turn on their phone.

Will the INQ model (which is also due to be joined by another handset similar in design to the qwerty keypad sporting ChaCha called the INQ Cloud Q) be a more popular choice than the HTC phones, well frankly no. HTC has now sealed it's name in the smart phone market with releases such as the current HTC Desire HD and new Incredible S which offer just about everything a smart phone user could ask for.

Add to that the manufacturer winning the award for 'Phone of the Year' in 2010 for their hugely successful HTC Desire phone and you can see why smaller,more niche companies like INQ are always going to struggle with 'one trick pony' phones.

For further information about social networking phones and in particular the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha please visit our constantly updated mobile phone news site.

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