Ioffer is a joke? Looking to buy htc hd2.?

Question by Josh Braxton: Ioffer is a joke? Looking to buy htc hd2.?
Alright so I'm looking for a good place to buy an htc hd2. I have about $ 300 for it and i looked on ebay but most are a little over it like $ 320. So i look on and there are a ton of cheap ones like $ 150-280. My concern is most of these look like scams.

Most of the sellers are from china and it seems like they would send a cheap gimmick chinese phone. They also have terrible english and dont make sense. They keep reffering to the item as the project.

Take a look at it here

scroll to the bottom and look at the the convo.

where should I buy my phone from? Any tips?

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Answer by YASIR M
In Saudi Arabia, it is 3300 Riyal that is something like 880 US $

Here is the review:

You may also think of HTC Desire

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