iPhone 3G help please:)?

Question by Kibibi T: iPhone 3G help please:)?
i just recently ordered an iPhone 3G 8GB , and i wanted to know if you knew any good tips or tricks. i got all the basics off the websites, like how to send sms texts for free, and how to work the keyboard. just wanted to learn some helpful and cool tricks to enhance my experience with the phone!

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Answer by Maxwell A.
I positively LOVE the iPhone and can answer any question imaginable about it.

Here goes, off the top of my head...

The microphone on your headset is also a button. Press it once while playing music, it will pause. Press it twice, it'll skip to the next song. Press it three times, it will go to the previous song, or the beginning of the currently playing song if it's been more than 5 seconds. While music isn't playing, pressing this button will make music start playing. It can also be used to answer and end calls.

Double-tap home button to access iPod quickly

Hold down any icon on the home screen to move it

While typing, if you hold down the "." or ".com" button (in landscape mode), it will come up with 3 domains other than .com (.net, .edu, and .org)

Hold down the home button and press the sleep/wake button to take a screenshot

To make an icon out of any webpage, go to that webpage in Safari, and add it as a favorite to the homescreen

While adding a contact, tap on the "add a photo" button beside their name. It will give you an opportunity to take a photo on the spot of them, if they're standing there right in front of you, or take a picture from your camera roll and put it as their photo, so it will show full-screen when they're calling.

Finally, if your iPhone is acting up on you, hold down the home and sleep/wake buttons for 6 seconds, and it will reset. Solves most problems almost instantly.

Hope this helps! Please email me if you have any more questions.

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Question by Jordan: Soccer Tryout Tips? Nervous...?
Well my dad said he would buy me the new iPhone 4S from Sprint if I make my high school soccer team. I have been on travel teams my whole life and I'm a pretty decent player but sometimes my nerves get the best of me and it effects how i play. Any tips? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by TheStupidGenius
Forget that your trying out for a team, play soccer and enjoy yourself. Of course you should work hard, but just go with the flow. :) I did just that and made varsity in ninth grade!

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  1. Hope your ready for this. Here are some tips you should think about when trying out:

    1. You want to get involved in the play as much as possible. Always ask for the ball, join in on the attack, and help out on defense. Stay mentally alert and always in the game. If you don’t concentrate sometimes you can find yourself slipping out of the game and not touching the ball for some time. You need to work to stay involved both offensively and defensively.

    2. You want to play simple, effective and quick. Don’t try to dribble when you shouldn’t. The majority of the time you should be trying to play quickly. Quick 1-2 combinations. Moving the ball around the field with good passing and receiving technique. At the same time you want to be effective with your passes. Can you play a teammate through into some dangerous space? Can you play some 1-2′s around the box and get a shot off.

    Everything is done quickly. Quick and tidy. If you need to take 3 – 4 touches to settle the ball that’s fine but take care of it (make your passes, protect the ball) but you always want to try and execute your plays quickly.

    3. Make an impact on the game. If you want to stand out you need to be an impact player. Get in the box and score a goal. Make a nice cross for a teammate to finish. Make a big tackle and win the ball on defense. Play a great penetrating pass. Control the game with good communication and organization. Whatever your traits do your best to make an impact on the game. Bring something to the team.

    4. Always remain positive. Even if your quite off the field, you need to talk on the field. Encourage your teammates, ask for the ball, direct the play but always do it in a positive way. Your on a team, it’s your job to help the team do their job well, so the more everyone communicates on the field, the more likely things will be executed properly.

    5. Play with no regrets. Remember this is a try-out, so you don’t want to leave the field feeling like you could have done better or more if you had another chance. There’s only one chance. Leave it all out there. Work your ass off. Go get a goal. Make an assist. Don’t let anyone pass you on defense. Get up and down the field (don’t be stupid with your running – be smart – but work hard when you have to). Play with no regrets!

    However, if you want to become a better Soccer player you should be looking to improve all areas of your game: Technical Skill, Physical Fitness, Mental Toughness, and Tactical Understanding.

    First of all you need to start training on your own – work to improve the basic ball skills, dribbling, shooting, passing, and ball control.

    Work to improve your fitness: strength, power, speed, acceleration, endurance, and flexibility.

    Next you need to always give your best effort on the field. Remember you only have one chance to play that game so leave it all out there. be the hardest working player on the field.

    You should also start watching professional Soccer at least 1 game per week, you can learn so much from pros.

    You can get more training advice and tips from the link below. You may also want to take a look at Soccer Success Secrets – The Ultimate Soccer Training Guide – This can help you improve your game in so many different ways and really put you ahead of the competition. I’ll put the link below as well.

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