17 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS: Tips, tricks, and features.”

  1. I bought a 3GS in January and even though I can’t update its’ version of
    iOS, it is still the best phone I have ever owned. I couldn’t afford a new
    iPhone but the 3GS works just fine.

  2. See 1:32. Hey tough guy – This is Frank Rizzo. How do you have my wife
    Anita’s number on your phone, sizzle chest?

  3. First, you have a great taste of music i mean METALLICA 😀 ??
    Second, even though iPhone 3GS is outdated and won’t receive an iOS 7
    Update i’m still bying this phone … the weird thing is i’m an Android fan
    but still have a weak point for this phone probably because it’s cheap and
    still have good performance sure not like iPhone 4S or 5 but it’s good :)

  4. your an idiot, sorry not to be a troll but when you use the voice control
    you have to wait until you hear the two beeps then say what you want…

  5. I hope you realize how dumb you are. In the first 1:38 of the video i
    figured out your area code is more than likely 352 which is gainesville
    florida. and your friend is anita rizzo. youve got to be careful with
    little mistakes like that, theres some crazy people out there. buahahahah

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