iPhone 5: Tips and Tricks!

iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks using iOS 6.
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iPhone Tips and Tricks

We're all addicted to our smartphones, but did you know that you can make the device you love even better with a few simple hacks? Get the most out of your iPhone 5s with these iOS 7 tips and...
Video Rating: 5 / 5

27 thoughts on “iPhone 5: Tips and Tricks!”

  1. How is it that someone’s intelligence depends on what phone they own? That
    makes no sense, IT IS JUST A PHONE. Android users are so stupid.

  2. Me too! But I am getting the iPhone 5 today! The galaxy is way to big and
    is just ugly now! I don’t know what I was thinking getting the galaxy! LOL

  3. Can’t wait until I get the 5. I have the s3 and can honestly say it is not
    even that good.

  4. This phone (yeah I have one) actually does so much that I’m not interested
    in at all. But I watch anyhow……..LOL.

  5. i got this iphone 5 today and so far this iphone is AWSOME only thing I
    like more on my driod 4 if u have app RINGME (if ur looking for this app
    don’t upper case) but u download it choose the song u want for ur ringtone
    or ur text tones figure out where and how long u want ur ringtone or text
    tones to be then save it and BAM! done and when u get a text and if u got a
    text and u didn’t hear it shows a green flash on the phone but the most
    important thing is the battery don’t last long

  6. Does it really? I’m just wondering, what’s wrong with it. I have an iPhone
    5 and it’s amazing but I just want to know what’s wrong with the S3.

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