iPhone 5 Tips – Email

The iPhone 5 has been out for a few months now and so I thought I would take the time to make a series of videos showing some Tips that can help you get the ...
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33 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Tips – Email”

  1. How do you create sub folders in mail I have my prime email and would like to create a sub folder called spam

  2. Great video! Question: Is there any way to show sent mail in the “thread”.
    I realize you can go to your sent folder and find it that way, but it would be convenient if it were already located in the thread.
    Thanks in advance

  3. the only reason why i hate email even though i use it is you can’t delete all messages at once witch is stupid

  4. You need to be running iOS6 or newer to see that. Make sure you are in the individual email where it shows your inbox, trash etc. It should be there.

  5. You’re right, I didn’t, but you hit the arrow to reply. To create a folder, go to your mail. If you have multiple email addresses you will have to go back to the one you want to create folders for. Then, once on the screen with inbox, drafts, sent, etc, tap edit in the upper right. Then tap on New Mailbox. Then create it and tap save. That should do it.

  6. You didn’t explain how to REPLY or REPLY ALL to an email. Also, how can i add sub-folders (or mailboxes?) within my InBox. I want to move certain emails to a specific folder, such as: Family, Work people, Friends, Softball team, etc. How is this done?

  7. There is no way to do what you want with the default mail app. There are plenty of email alternatives though. The Z10 is no better for this though. Try sparrow or mailbox. See what you think.

  8. I know you’ve been asked this a million times, but why in the heck is there at least no delete all or empty option for trash? Also can you create rules or is there a better alternative mail client that can do that? Thats not gmail or yahoo specific (pop and smtp). I am using a new iphone for work and find the mail features are lacking. I’m thinking of going to a Z10.

  9. Question….Is there any way to create a junk folder within the iphone app? thanks in advance for your reply. :)

  10. I get that too sometimes. Make sure you have the incoming and outgoing mail server settings correct. That usually fixes it.

  11. thanks for the video however i have an issue, i can’t delete or move email from any of my accounts to trash just get the message ‘the message could not be moved to the mailbox trash’. I have tried both ways ie: highlighting multiple emails or just ‘swiping’ for the delete button!

  12. The settings are basically the same so I didn’t see the need to show many different accounts and thought people could try on their own since you just put in your email address and password and it works.

  13. you deliberately avoided going into the gmail settings, but gmail is the only email I use… sad… you could have created a fake gmail account in seconds to at least show the settings options for them, as gmail has to be the most popular web email around…

  14. Productivity stuff for the iPad. Your review of moneywiz really helped. Also an android tips series would be cool considering how much things have changed there.

  15. Most of these iPhone battery tips will work for the iPod. The iPod is basically an iPhone without the “phone” part.

  16. You would be ok. The iPhone knows your watching a video. It would only auto lock when you are not using the iPhone.

  17. Yes, this would work with almost any smartphone or iPod. You just wouldn’t have to do the cellular part.

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