13 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Tips – Top 10 Must-Have Apps”

  1. Who actually still gets charged texting fee’s. If someone doesn’t know
    about FB and Twitter or Instagram

  2. you say you have a nine year old daughter? like your 9 year old can use a
    iphone that well you liar and i bet your under 12 because im 16 and i
    wouldn’t even leave a comment that mean your a fucking dick fuck off you
    hating fuck if you have a daughter i would hope you would be more mature

  3. Impressive rant APB Sayta. If you don’t like negative comments then go read
    a fairy tale book. Have you been knighted the great protector of you tube
    uploader’s feelings? The 1st Amendment is a great thing, I enjoy it. So
    relax and don’t worry about others negative comments.

  4. If you don’t like it GTFO Smart ass… This vídeo was very helpful since I
    am new Apple iPhone’s user and I am not “one of his friends” (To help
    anybody you don’t need to “impress” them dumbass specially his friends…
    the ideia that his friends are gonna get about him probably is that he has
    some knowledge about some apps in AppStore time and thats all WOW BIG
    DEAL)… And dude ffs don’t get jealous just because he has more subs and
    likes on his vídeos than you will ever have…

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