iPhone email problem!?

Question by : iPhone email problem!?
I have my Comcast mail account for the mail app but it won't sync with my emails online. For example, I delete a message from iphone, yet it's still there when I go to the actual website. Same with stuff that I've already read. Please help!

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Answer by jw4life
Did you just get your iPhone? If you haven't tried to do so yet, change the settings on your iPhone so that it will delete from the server when you delete from your iPhone.

To do that go under Settings
> Mail, Contacts, Calender

> Select your account (in your case it will be your comcast account

>Once in that account's settings scroll to the bottom

>Hit Advanced

>Your second to last option should be "Delete from server".

>Select that, then select "when removed from inbox"

That should do the trick! :-)

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Question by Noah: will the rice trick work on my iphone?
Alright so last night I was drinking a little and ended up puking everywhere and kind of fell asleep on my puke covered iphone, that wasnt the problem though because i took it out of my odderbox (iphone 3gs btw) and tried turning it on, it was dead but the charge symbol and dead battery/lightening bolt was lit up perfectly so i washed my odderbox and took my iphone and wiped it down with baby wipes there was some vomit in the charging jack and speakers on the bottom so i got in there too (i didnt dip it in water or anything i just wiped it off..) and then i dried it off with my towel and twisted the tip of the towel so i could dry the jack off... BUT this is the part where my question comes in after the charging symbol with the lightening bolt lit up perfectly i turn it back on the second i put it on my charger and it came on! but this time EVERYTHING was dim more dim than the lowest brightness, so the logical reason would be the brightness was down so i put the brightness all the way up but it didnt do anything.. its still really dim, will the rice trick work or do i need a new phone?? and if i need a new phone i need to transfer a LOT of stuff (and when i say dim i dont mean you can see it just not like you want to i mean you can see it if you can get past all the reflections in the screen because of how dark it is(

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Answer by Tyler
Take a bowl and line the inside with a rag or paper towel. Next you want to take some uncooked white rice and fill the bowl until it completely covers the Iphone. In order for this to fully work do not touch the phone for about 2-3 days by leaving it completely submerged in the rice.

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