Iphone Or Blackberry. Help?

Question by Anonymous: Iphone Or Blackberry. Help?
So, i have a Blackberry playbook. I love it. It has this bridge feature and tethering (only to BB smartphones) I am choosing between Bold 9930 or iphone 4s. I just like iphone, it seems cool. I like the physical keyboard plus touch on 9930 too. any tips!? no bias please.

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Answer by F M
I'm gonna make this easy for you. I've had both this is what you're gonna base it on.

If you like texting and a business phone go blackberry

If you like a phone for multimedia go for iphone

Thats how you measure them in a nutshell

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Question by akmar: When should i cut my blackberry bush tip..??...my blackberry bush is about 2 foot tall..?
it's about 4 month old and i germinate the blackberry bush from seed.
thank you all, forgot to mention,i plant my bush in container.
my blackberry has many thorn on it...
im sorry but in Malaysia there is no spring...

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Answer by stone
Who told you to cut the tip?

I would leave it be. It will bear fruit next year on this year's growth, and then the canes will die, being replaced by new growth from the roots, Then you could cut the dead canes out. Very messy plants.

Congrats on growing the bush from seed.

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2 thoughts on “Iphone Or Blackberry. Help?”

  1. Hi, if you want the phone for business, go for the BlackBerry, if you want the phone for games, apps, then go for the iPhone. The new OS7 on the BlackBerry 9930 is really fast for browsing and emailing, there’s also the BBM feature for chatting, but there aren’t many good apps in the Blackberry App World. But the iPhone 4S has much better apps and it runs on the iOS 5 which is also very fast for browsing, and it has a new feature, Siri, which is very cool, you can google it or search it on YouTube. The BlackBerry has 5 MP camera and the iPhone has 8 MP camera, and the iPhone has FaceTime to make video calls with iPads, iPods, Macs, and other iPhones, FaceTime also supports video calls in HD ( 720p ). So BlackBerry is more a business or social phone and the iPhone is more of a phone for entertainment. It’s your choice then and I’m sure you won’t regret getting neither one of them. Hope this helps. :)

  2. Blackberries grow fruit on the current years growth, if your plant is small and in the garden don’t cut this year

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