Iphone question?

Question by noner: Iphone question?
I have a hp pda----I like the iphone and how it works and its hott---I heard it has wifi, videos, music, but does it have things such as calender, tasks etc.
But one thing it does not have is the ability to put programs into it---Like I could put programs into my pda by purchasing them online--For example, I put a timer, a dictionary, translator, chess, brain games, weather programs on my pda..

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  1. The iphone has calendar, wifi, no video recording, no task manager and way off compared to the feature of HP and Sony Ericsson. Third party programs are not possible unless you jailbreak your iphone. One thing nice about the iphone is its look and unique design. Browsing and zooming is easy and convenient, Everything is done through your finger tips. Small things where considered, making the iphone easy to operate and smooth. Its a new experience.

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