19 thoughts on “iPhone Tips To Change Your Life”

  1. Trying to find wifi in places where there isn’t drains battery, but putting
    airplane mode doesn’t charge it faster, it just makes it to where it isn’t
    taking up much battery. You’re still right, but my brain was gonna explode
    if I didn’t say this.

  2. The very first tip here probably applies equally well to Android phones:
    Put your phone on airplane mode to charge it twice as fast.

  3. +DeclanCBC I’m with you, the only reason iPhones are better is because they
    are more popular, so more apps exist. People who say it’s slower are morons
    because it literally has twice the RAM and a better cpu. Difference in OS
    means nothing because they both do the same thing.

  4. All smarthphones are useless and a waste of your life…..do not get one
    unless you are stupid

  5. i didn’t even watch the video I’m just assuming it is, don’t buy one. :)
    I’m and android type of guy any way.

  6. I’ve had both phones and the only thing better about the iphone is telling
    your friends that you have an iphone and then spending some good $$$ every
    year getting the new one just because ‘everyonelse does it’

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