ipod ear phone repair cost?

Question by bksaito: ipod ear phone repair cost?
I have a black 30GB iPod video. My iphone ear jack doesnt work. It'll play music if you play it by hooking it up to a dock with spearkers but not with ear phones. At first it was just the left side not working but now neither sides working. I know its the ear phone jack because i took a friends working headphone and they didnt work in mine. But they tried my ear phones and it worked perfictely. The town i live in doesnt have a mac store so it'll probably be easeir to send it in. But im wondering how much it's gonna cost cause if its over $ 100 i'll just bye me the newer model.
The ipod is over a year old so it is no longer under warrenty

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Answer by Spaceboy88
If the iPod is under a year old, you can get it fixed for free. If not, you have to call Apple for repair and they will tell you what it would cost before you send it .

If you end up buying a new one, you can sell your broken one on ebay. Just be sure to tell people what the problem is. Broken iPods go for a good amount of money on eBay because people (who are more technical than I) can fix them themselves.

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