Is it possible to trick AT&T?

Question by : Is it possible to trick AT&T?
I have an iPhone 3GS Jailbroken and I want to take my sim card Out and put it Into my older AT&T phone Sony Ericsson and than call them up and tell them I'm no longer using the iPhone I'm now using my older phone. Then get the unlimited data plan for non-smart phones. Once I have that done and the older phone is up and working with calling and data, swich the sim back to the iPhone . And I should have unlimited data. Will this work? And do I have to sync my iPhone back with iTunes because I don't want all my stuff to be deleted.

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Answer by EDY L
I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

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  1. Why don’t you just unlock it and then take it to tmobile? Tmobile’s edge is just as fast at AT&T’s 3g so the speed won’t matter. With tmobile, you can get 500 minutes, free nights/weekends, free mobile2mobile, free ROAMING, UNLIMITED data and texting (tmobile’s data and text are different things) for $ 60/month. For unlimited minutes and tada/text, it will be $ 80.

    Follor these directions to unlock it:

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