is that Yoshi ceramic zirconium oxide knife any good? I think i can get two for like 20 bucks?

Question by : is that Yoshi ceramic zirconium oxide knife any good? I think i can get two for like 20 bucks?
plus shipping.

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Answer by Rashida G
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One thought on “is that Yoshi ceramic zirconium oxide knife any good? I think i can get two for like 20 bucks?”

  1. I’d stay away from those knives and YoshiBlade website as well. For multiple reasons.
    Here’s a detailed review including the reasons to stay away from them –

    Shorty summary will be that, the website and description are very misleading. Offering you one knife that replaces multiple knives, however, once you receive the knife, the manual has tons of warnings what you can not use it for, frozen food, bony meat, chopping, etc. This is nothing unusual for ceramic knives, they’re way too fragile to handle any of that, but the problem is that unlike other more honest makers, like Kyocera, yoshiblade tells you on their website that’s the last knife you’ll ever need and then only in the manual gives you all the warnings, which immediately make it clear this isn’t the universal knife.

    Second, if you search the web you’ll find a of complaints about their site design. After you click to purchase those 2 for $ 20, you will be lead through multiple pages, specifically designed to trick you into purchasing more items and suddenly you will end up with 2 knives and something stupid, but the price jumps over 100. Then it’s very difficult to get your money back, there is no cancel order or anything like that online, you have to call, and based on user complaints, they’re very difficult to reach and even more difficult to issue money back.

    For $ 20 2 ceramic knives it’s pretty much throwaway price and if you just want to play with them, that’s fine, I’d recommend using ebay in that case.

    As far as their usability goes, there’s two types, with hilt and without hilt. Former is pretty much useless on the cutting board, later is so so.
    Neither type can match performance of the normal santoku, because they’re so small.

    As for the “never needs sharpening” claim, that’s obvious BS and after about 6 month of using those knives, both are really dull. For the record, I was using them on high quality, end grain wood board(the most edge friendly), strictly for vegetables. Still, the initial edge (rather thick too) didn’t last even 6 months. I’ll update the review later.
    I can sharpen ceramics at home, but with those two I simply don’t wanna bother.

    Zirconium oxide is one of the two materials used in ceramic knives, and as you can guess it’s the cheaper one. Zirconium carbide, black ceramic blades in other words, is higher density and quality, lasts a little longer, but it too needs sharpening.

    Cutco – The biggest misleading campaign in US kitchen knives market. The steel they use is 440C, that’s not a secret, they themselves tell you that. Same class steel as X50CrMoV15 used in Hekcnels, Wusthofs and bunch of other kitchen knives, in fact X50CtrMoV15 is slightly better, having a little Vanadium in it. Chemically and physically, there is no reason why Cutco knives would be superior to any other brand listed here and they’re not. Just the outrageous price and outlandish claims by vector marketing(cutco distributor).
    If you can get them for cheap, it’s alright, otherwise, if the price is higher than midrange Henckels or Wusthofs, avoid it, you’re being ripped off.
    Here – kitchen knives steel FAQ to make things clearer –

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