is the HTC Inspire a good phone to have?

Question by : is the HTC Inspire a good phone to have?
my dad is making me get that phone he said i cant get the iphone so i wondering if this a decent phone to have..... and can u tell me a little tips or tricks to make this phone eaiser to use

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i love your dad... you dad is super smart! You will never have an Iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SUCK!

and yes, Inspire is a awesome phone... personalization and customization and 285,000 apps are your disposial plus 7 other android markets (if you like 3rd party stuff)... and omg.. so MUCH more that Android can offer you that Apple Iphone can even imagine... you'll see!

LOL LOL and you want tips and tricks... omfg... wow... your in for something cool.... go to the Inspire forums at Android Central... and have.. "fun".. LOL every hack, tip, trick, cool thing that a dev or mod or nerd can think of is here...

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  1. I’ve had the Inspire since it came out and I love the phone. great touchscreen, great screen size, 8mp with flash. adobe flash. can run apps perfectly with its update 1GHz processor and 768 MB of ram. Those specs are respectable for a phone.

  2. The HTC Inspire 4G ($ 99.99) is a big, powerful and affordably priced Android cell phone for AT&T, and it can stand up well against Apple’s iPhone. Comparable in many ways to Verizon’s popular Motorola Droid X, this high-quality super-phone is loaded with useful apps and makes a good big-screen theater for videos. It’s one of The Best Android Phones, as well as one of the The 10 Best Touch-Screen Phones.

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