Is there a trick to turning on the Motorola Krave phone?

Question by LuckyD: Is there a trick to turning on the Motorola Krave phone?
We just got new ones and my husband was taking a pic and his shut off and wouldn't go back on. I turned mine off to see how to turn back on and now I can't get mine on.

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Answer by Tex
Press and hold the power key until the display turns on.

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Question by Robert J: How do I put Jar files on my Motorola V8 Phone?
Any bit of information can help. I want to put a few games and a program I found onto my phone, I've already downloaded them I just need to know how to move them from the computer to my phone.

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Answer by PureHobo7000
Kay, easy peasy. First off, you'll need a Windows Computer. There's a very easy program that will do all the work for you. The phone will first need to be recognized by your computer, then the encoded transfer will be made through something called P2K mode. Here is a set of clear instructions on what I do, and what programs I use.


1) First off, you need device drivers for your motorola phone, so that your computer knows how to communicate with the phone.
That is the only reliable place to download the drivers. It will ask you to register your email, and there will be a confirmation email as i remember, so no fake emails. I did this 4 months ago, no junk mail from them since, just make sure you uncheck the boxes for information.
Download it, then install.
2) Next, you need a P2K manager
Download it, then install.
3) Now open P2K manager. You will need to then click "Options" in that window, and within Options, Check the Box Next to "P2K05"
(I've never used the V8 Phone particularly with this program, but most likely, oits P2K05)
After changing it to P2K05, close the app.
4) Last thing to download, motomidman. This will install the java apps flawlessly.
Download it, then install.

5) Now you are ready to connect your phone. Get the USB cable that came with your phone, or just any old USB 2.0 will do. Windows will recognize your phone exists, and will try to install drivers. It is important that when the option comes up you, select the option "Choose Drivers to Install." Windows will find the Motorola developer drivers you installed in step 1, and you click okay, and everything is done after a few seconds.
6) Without disconnecting your phone, now launch P2K Commander. Windows will install the rest of the necessary P2K drivers in the background. To make sure your phone is recognizable by the computer, Click on the either of the two drop down menus and select "/a P2K phone system." If it makes some noise or you see a loading bar, and a folder pops up titled "mobile" in the windows under the drop down menu, you're in business. If not, try P2K not 05 under options, then repeat.
**If this doesn't work. You've messed up the driver instilation. If thats true, Uninstall the drivers from Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs," and repeat step 1 and 5.

7) Now that your phone is recognize, launch MotoMidman. It will recognize and read your phone. Click the install button at the bottom of the window, locate your .jar files and thats all!

Hint. You might not have a lot of space on your phone. Delete non essential files through P2K Commander if this is the case. Not only in the /a folder though. Your phone will most likely have a /c folder, and maybe even a /e folder. Delete things like system ringtones and wallpapers, they will be in /c under "audio" and "picture" respectively. Don't delete things in system folders. Extra skins can be deleted, just NOT the moto skin, no matter what, ever.

Hint2. Now that you've done all this, you can really mod your phone. Custom Wallpapers, Ringtones, Skins, even Startup and Shutdown animations and sounds, and if you're ambitious like me, the splash screen. Tips and tricks can be found at:


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  1. Try turning it on with the charger in, if this works then you’ll probably need to send it off for repairs.

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