juicy couture sidekick..?

Question by Mizz_couture: juicy couture sidekick..?
So i need to buy a new cellphone and have my eyes set on the juicy couture sidekick. : ) It's perfect for me since i travel to Europe a few times a year, and it has the world tri band. So it's perfect.

Anyways, I understand it's hard to get a new one since they don't make them anymore. I was just wondering if anyone have any experience with this phone, how safe it is to buy this phone on ebay?? Or even if maybe a Tmobile cellphone store could order one for me??
Also, does anyone know what the average pay a month would be for this?

Any help on this would be awesome! Thanks!!

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Answer by Kit Kat
i have a problem when it comes to cell phones, they are like shoes to me and i have several of them to fit my mood. i have bought a few of them of ebay and have never had a problem, just b sure to check how many transactions they have done with cell phone and what they're feedback is.

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  1. Well I know a couple of things about them they work just as good as the regular sidekick II’s (very well), I don’t know how safe it is to order them off of ebay though I bought my sidekick id off of ebay and it works great so check the person who’s selling the phones feedback first, and lastly Tmoible cant order one for you because it’s a limited edition phone

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