k800i tricks updated!

Attention!!!! read this first --------------------------------------------------------------------------k800i tricks. For your information this guide is updated from my old video where i only showed trick that i found by accident. But in this video yes i did show tricks that people has already revealed such as the secret menu. So please don't go saying that i'm an impostor or copy cat. Because i made this video all in one so that people don't have to search each tricks one by one.
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18 thoughts on “k800i tricks updated!”

  1. my dad is a european turkish from istanbul, my mom is asian… so im not asian….

    and what are you implying really?  or you’re just a 9gagger…

  2. @TheHangfal =.= Miért Jól beszél ventilátor? Ez egy meleg országban, amit miért is használta.

  3. and please press it continuosly and not having pauses…. meaning dont stop pressing after each key until you finish

  4. actually i’ve changed my mind your pretty intellectual i like you dude lets be friends

  5. i think maybe u r right cuz i hardly get a phone call even from my best friends…. i’m not a WAY socialized person and that makes me lame. anyways my uncle always said that “why care what the hell people say to you” cuz
    they say things for some reason either they’re jealous or an un-open minded people. to abbreviate it i gotta say that person is a country boy.

  6. thanks, and i dont own this phone anymore ^_^ i now use and ipod touch and a cheapshit phone black and white screen.. hahaha cool rite?

  7. Agree, and thats why i bought an ipod touch an use a cheaper phone that hasnt any camera. In fact i’ve already sold this k800i cuz come to think of it i already have a digicam, already have a cheap phone that can sms, so thats why ibought ipo touch cuz i use interner frequently. Idunno wat u think bt i think its suitable 4 me.

  8. If I was going to buy a second hand phone, it wouldn’t be this one. I liked mine when I first got it, but the video quality is naff and the screen is too small compared to the touch screen phones.

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