15 thoughts on “Kyocera Hydro Edge Hands-On”

  1. +rocioservin you hold the volume down and the power button.@Soccermania
    Wooz yes it does have flash

  2. this fone only has 3 buttons while the cheaper hydro has 4. the extra
    button pops up a preview of running apps and lets you swipe them away. this
    fone doesnt let you do that.

  3. Sprint I.D. sucks!!!!! Other that, and it being a Kyocera, the phone looks
    decent for a mid to lower level phone.

  4. For a mid range phone this is pretty nice with a dual core processor and
    android jellybean

  5. You keep saying your bad at SWYPE then you knock it out the park. What’s up
    wit dat? Lok

  6. Yea it was definitely locked.I lost speaker sound for almost a full
    day..When I got it real wet!!!!!

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