Kyocera TORQUE E6710 Reboot Time

Kyocera TORQUE E6710 Reboot Time

京セラ製のスマートフォン「TORQUE (E6710)」で再起動の時間を計測しました。 6秒からシャットダウン開始、16秒でシャットダウン完了となっており、約10秒で電源がオフになりました。 妥当なシャットダウン速度であり、遅くもなく、早くもないという結果となりました。 Re;con-ReviewDays htt...

Blogger: I play dead trigger GBC emulator N64 Panda run and show how to do a few things! Enjoy :]
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18 thoughts on “Kyocera TORQUE E6710 Reboot Time”

  1. i just bought this phone on amazon for 25 bucks on amazon including
    shipping and they buyer says its in new condition, hope that its not bunk.
    Looks like a cool phone tho!

  2. Thanks, and just 1 more question, can you directly download the games on
    the emulator or do you have to hook them to the computer?

  3. I was gunna get the venture but went with the elite instead, heard battery
    life sucks on it. But anyway if you see the phone starting to slow down
    will you let me know? I got a month before I get it so wanna make sure its
    good. Alright, thanks again.

  4. oh no prob, your a really good youtuber and its good you answer peoples
    questions. Im going to subscribe. Also, that guy 411deshawn played
    minecraft on the kyocera rise, did you try it and did it work?

  5. lmao what are you stupid? iphone is so far behind android it’s not even
    funny their crappy phones just recently got 4g and a 4 inch screen apple
    needs to get with the program iphone is garbage all you get when you buy an
    iphone is the name android blows it out of the water 100 times over

  6. Lol yeah i know but it is best to save up for another phone if you can :)
    but the phone is really good

  7. Camera sucks, hard to see video :/ But what Virigin Mobile Phone should I
    get? Kyocera Rise or the HTC ONE V…??

  8. oh well that sucks have you tried 4shared? thanks and does the update for
    dead trigger work with the new laser gun and the track feild?

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