17 thoughts on “LauncherPro Beta on Motorola Droid X – Tips for a smoother experience”

  1. does the launcher pro work well on 2.2 for the dx? Is there more then 1
    launcher pro app, i havent looked for it yet.

  2. hey so what exactly does the whole app do for the droid x do? i saw like ho
    the home screen was diffrent other than that i didnt see anything.

  3. @mcchristolear ok, I’ve updated the video description with the link to the
    file. Enjoy!

  4. @rruready72 if you saw my sig on AF, you can just click the link in there
    that takes you directly to the guide on how to root your X.

  5. @FabolousTT do you know the name of that weather widget. just cause there
    are so many to choose thanks

  6. @paycer It shouldn’t consume any more battery life than the stock launcher.
    I think it just uses CPU cycles more efficiently.

  7. How did you get your calendar setup like you have it. The screen I am
    referring to is the 2 screen to the left of your clock screen.

  8. @yfzfofitty06 That clock thing is a widget from an app called beautiful
    widgets. It’s like $3 on the market

  9. This video has officially caused me to choose the DX over the DI. The main
    reason I had even the slightest urge to get the DI was the Sense UI. I
    realize that Froyo is coming to the DX probably very soon, – Probably as
    soon as the Droid 2 is released, so I was thinking of going with the DX
    anyway, but this has made me set on the DX for sure. Just one thing. Does
    using LauncherPro + your settings with it cause the battery life to go down
    significantly? Have you noticed any difference? Thanks. :)

  10. Where do you get that Pandora Widget at the top of your third home screen
    at 0:16? And also what widget is that directly below it? It looks like an
    RSS reader? I can get a Pandora icon, but it is just regular sized, how do
    you get whatever it is that you have that is a 4×1?

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