Lg Optimus 4x Hd Tips, Tricks and Hacks Part 2

Lg Optimus 4x HD Phone tips, tricks, hidden features tour - let us know if we missed something though comments.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 thoughts on “Lg Optimus 4x Hd Tips, Tricks and Hacks Part 2”

  1. I bought this phone on eBay about 3 weeks ago and the user’s manual is in
    Korean(I think) so I’m still learning things about this phone and this
    video(1&2) is very informative. There’s a lot of tips in this video I
    didn’t know. Wow!!

  2. thank you very much, i have this phone couple months, but i didnt know some
    usefull features… basicaly, this phone has some features that other
    devices need to get an app to do the same… nice :)

  3. very informative, and helpful, got this phone yesterday and this and your
    other video has helped a great deal, thx

  4. this guy must have very high expectations for everything… everything for
    him is “pretty okay”…

  5. its annoying because you have to keep in mind that you can touch it
    accidentally, yeah buts its cool that you can hide it when rooted

  6. Why do you keep saying “pretty okay” or “pretty loud”? Also, Why complain
    about the on screen buttons? It’d be the thing if there were normal buttons
    like Samsung’s phones have, except with the on screen ones, you get a
    bigger sized screen. You can also get it removed from rooting it.

  7. I don’t know y r u against touch capacitive buttons since its the best and
    many other companies like Sony,HTC are having and the worst is hardware
    buttons which is now outdated and also many of them prefer buttons should
    be touch capacitive

  8. yeah graphics are really good and right now the best you can have in a
    smartphone not sure if it is as good as PS3

  9. U said graphics are fine its not just fine my friend its the best and
    amazing quality it has Adreno 330 u can compare it to PS3 graphics

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