LG Optimus V – Virgin Mobile Improve Battery Performance

One of the pesky things about this phone that takes away from it's greatness is it poor battery performance. In this video I will show you how to increase the performance without downloading any extra apps from the android market place. Subscribe to my channel and blog @ itechslave.blogspot.com

Question by suns404: I just got an LG scoop from alltel, any cool tips or tricks that aren't obvious to me?

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Answer by .::Kelsey Kaboom::.
cool phone! i had the rumor for a while which is the same thing. The phone is pretty self explanitory.. i cant really think of any tips or tricks to tell you.

one thing i have to say about the scoop/rumor is that it has a bit of a text lag. I had trouble with the phone not being able to keep up with me.

i really liked it though, hope you enjoy it.

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End Date: Monday Jan-22-2018 15:47:38 PST
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End Date: Monday Jan-22-2018 15:47:38 PST
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21 thoughts on “LG Optimus V – Virgin Mobile Improve Battery Performance”

  1. You get over an hour of phone use with the standred battery and over 2 hours with the extended battery i didn’t adjust any settings , i recommend getting a newer phone now, this phone is outdated it don’t support flash player & has poor spec’s that cant handle good android games ,

  2. I am considering this phone and was wondering if this was an option. I will look on ebay, but I am curious how many hours you can get out of this battery? Also, did you change settings to save the battery or just switch the battery? Thanks much!

  3. @RoyalREYES Get Hulu on the snappz market it worked on my phone & does anyone know if this phone is getting Gingerbread?

  4. wow this really improved my battery life Hha, thank you :D, btw how did you put the calendar as your main screen? :)

  5. It dont really help slot I been knowing that sisnce I got my.phone but. Thanks any ways

  6. Pretty good video, one thing i would have added is to turn off your 3g connection when not in use to save that much more battery. I still use ATK app killer though cause I’m a lazy sod. I also use bloat freezer to stop those few pesky apps that no matter how many times i force stop them always tend to turn themselves back on .

  7. This video is inaccurate. The GPS has nothing to do with the battery problem. It has to do with “time without a signal”. The phone constantly searches for satellites.

  8. Anybody know any good movie tv apps on virgin mobile phone I can’t get netflix or crackle

  9. If you are in a wifi hotspot anyways, it conserves battery to use the wifi instead of the 3g.

  10. I keep the screen at the dimmest at all times, I keep automatic updates, gps, wifi and blutooth off all the time unless I’m using an app that requires it. I have only done light to very light moderate use on my phone since I’ve gotten it and from 7 am to 10 at night it is already down to 74 or lower battery percentage. If there anything else I can do to conserve battery? Again, I have only been using it lightly.

  11. I have not been able to find any 3600mAh batteries for the optimus V. Im thinking about buying the Li on pack to keep for on the go.

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