LG Shine – Help!?

Question by anjali: LG Shine - Help!?
So my phone came with a quick reference only and I cannot find instructions on how to transfer photos/music from my phone to my computer or vice versa. I tried just plugging in the data cable from the phone to the computer, computer detected it but I couldn't do anything further.
What am I missing?? Is there somewhere online with detailed instructions? Or is it just as easy as you writing down the step by step :)
I'm also looking for instructions on how to use the SD card as well..

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Answer by chaoss13
Go to Howardforums.com they have great celly tips/tricks/hacks and tutorials.

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  1. If you open windows explorer and don’t see an extra drive you’ll need an additional program. I know the LGs on Verizon’s service require Windows Media Player 10.

    Info will probably be in the actual user’s guide, not the quick reference guide. Good luck!

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