15 thoughts on “Little Trick Using LG optimus L3”

  1. Hi, I also have the l3, and I’ve searched endlessly for an app to lock the
    screen like the one you have when you turned on the phone, could you tell
    me the name of the app please? Great video btw:)

  2. Really great!! I’ve been trying to figure out this QUICK MEMO function
    since I bought my mobile. But, thanks for showing this feature!! :) Good

  3. When you pressed 2 volume buttons and that was on the screen i was so
    scared becouse i was thinking it was some kind of error!!! Ufff …

  4. Thx. Any other ones like hw to take pics with the plus button… anyways
    thx jst keep up and keep publishing stuff bout tht lg 😉

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