19 thoughts on “Motorola RAZR HD tips and tricks”

  1. Dang.. I remember when I thought saying cuss words in random order was cool.. Seems like you like to talk about dick a lot too.. But I don’t wanna call you gay or anything cause that would be offensive to you and your future husband..

  2. i have this phone reset it , it lags like shit,done everything to make it not lag, cant even play most games . i wouldnt buy this phone .

  3. pointless… un like people that try to show off there phones were actly trying to figure out some thing…. loser

  4. OOO in that cased id like to apoligize seeing how i still have the phone. do you have any questions about it

  5. will help other people to not lost time on this crap. BTW I lost more than time cause I was on my cellphone using gprs without an unlimited data plan…so I lost money cause some stupids guys like you that think posting crap is funny.

  6. That was a waste of my damn time, i dont even know why i watched the video and i have the phone ._.

  7. I’m not being a hater I’m just saying that if you titled something as “Review and tips and tricks” then actually show some tips and tricks don’t just hold your new phone up for 3 seconds

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