Motorola V3 V3i V3r Razr top lense replace repair

How to change the lense (The glass/plastic bit on the top screen) on a Motorola V3 series phone
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How to full repair DCT4 plus phones. Thanks to Freeman2001 for this video.
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26 thoughts on “Motorola V3 V3i V3r Razr top lense replace repair”

  1. Great job!!! One thing I found useful was to put a piece of tape over the broken lens, to keep it together and from small pieces falling aobut.

  2. great video, thanks for putting it up. But there’s no reason to take it to bits, just get a sharp edged blade and prise out the glass, starting with where it’s broken. Comes out easy. Then clean up the exposed area of old glue before sticking in the replacement glass. Simples. One word of warning, be very careful not to damage the orange ribbon connectors on the left hand side of the glass.

  3. The way you change the lense. is very harfull for finger and nails. the smashed glass could cut your finger skin.. better if you use a non sharped cutter the small blade could take the glass in one piece in a better way.

  4. notes:

    there was a small piece of paper on my replacement glass on the inside, presumably to keep adhesive off of the clear part. it stayed in place and i didn’t catch it until the phone was reassembled. the one in the video did not have this. do yourself a favor and double check.

    after assembly i noticed that my camera lens had shifted. it still works fine but the red inside lens is clearly not centered on the exterior protective lens.

    mine took a t5 driver, not t6 as stated.

    great video.

  5. in the video he said to use a t6 but i jusd did mine and it took a t5. luckily i bought a set of 7 for $6.00 on ebay.

    the title of the auction i won was: 7PC MICRO MINI TORX / STAR BIT SET T4 TO T9.

    amazon carries them as well.

  6. This was so helpful I had ordered one on ebay but thought it was too difficult. Thanks to this I changed successfully many thanks

  7. Thank you for taking the time to produce this video. It was clear and detailed. I get to try this myself tonight.

  8. Interesting video but why take the phone apart? a small craft knife or stanley knife gently slid around the edge of the old screen lifting as you go will easily prise the old screen out.Just make sure that the knife blade is kept away from the ribbon cable lurking under the the edge of the lense. Gently remove the old sticky left behind and pop in the new lense.

  9. el que filma es de terror, sale todo borroso y el tecnico es medio madera le dio flor de laburo sacar la tapa luego de los tronillos ja ja jaj a

  10. This video was very helpful. I just replaced the top lens. Hope I don’t ever have to do this again. Taking the plastic top off was a pain.

  11. thanx this video is going to help so much as i sat on my phone and the whole screen shattered. i found a shop on ebay selling both replacement screen glass and camera glass for £2.99

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