Motorola v3xx wont charge?

Question by Jerry Lzz: Motorola v3xx wont charge?
Hi, I have a problem with my phone, which is Motorola V3XX RAZR. Last night it died. So I plugged it as usually, and left it overnight charging. Today when I woke up, the red light on the external screen is on, I open the phone and there's a white screen with a red battery up in the corner, "charging". But its not charging.
It just stays like that and no success charging. I tried a new battery and it works, and then plugged in, and its working. My friend told me that this phone won't charge if it is completely dead, but it used to charge before. It's been a little more than a year so warranty is no longer available. Someone knows what to do? I tried many things, removing and putting back the battery, different chargers, different batteries, turning it off and on while charging... PLS some help??

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Answer by bob
try a different out lit and call the phone company for some tips on what to do, you may need a new phone, good luck.

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2 thoughts on “Motorola v3xx wont charge?”

  1. if a new battery works in the phone, but it wont charge, then it sounds like the phone charging port became over heated during your last charge and fried the phone…. your fix… phone replacement… ot $ 50-$ 75 cell phone repair shop bill… but a razr is not worth it

  2. your problem may be the charger. Make sure that you are using the right charger with the phone and make sure that the voltage and amperage is the same as the phone. As for your friend he is wrong you should be able to charge a phone when it is completely dead in fact you should let the phone die completely and recharge completely at least once a month to get the most out of your battery. As for the light on your phone that means that the charger is bringing a charge to the phone but the battery may not be retaining it so try putting a new battery in it.

    Best of Luck!!

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