Motorola v750 and Motorola Phone Tools?

Question by Hghg: Motorola v750 and Motorola Phone Tools?
I have Motorola Adventure (v750) (Verizon Wireless) and I have Motorola Phone Tools 5.0. I just got all the updates downloaded, and on their website it says that the v750 is supported, but when I actually plug the phone in and start up MPT, it starts to download, but then it stops and gives me a 'Phone Not Supported" error...

I need the drivers for "Motorola Communication Interface" as well. Maybe that is the problem?

I am doing all of this because the camera (and only the camera) is disabled (cell phone was previously business-issued), and I want it re-enabled. I do not want to go down to the Verizon store and pay $ 100+ for something I can do here at home.

Please answer with any tips you might have. Thanks!

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Answer by Cool P
Verizon Wireless Motorola W385 Cell Phone

* Slim clamshell form factor 45 x 99 x 18.2 millimeters
* Messaging via EMS, MMS, SMS
* Integrated VGA Camera
* Bluetooth wireless technology
* GPS location services

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