My HTC Freestyle isn’t working, can you help me fix it?

Question by : My HTC Freestyle isn't working, can you help me fix it?
my htc will shut on but it will say error and keep saying it over and over again, idk whats wrong with it but i want it to turn back on. The back to the battery broke but the cover still works, the battery works. I left the battery out for a long time and thought that maybe it was the battery, but still it doesn't work. I dont want someone telling me im out of luck, I need tips and answers on how to fix this phone.

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Answer by ≀ ≀ 丂ん乇レ乃リ イん乇 レロ√ノ刀ワ つ尺ムワロ刀乇丂丂 丂比ノᄊᄊ乇尺 ≀ ≀
This could be the battery problem.. Charge it up...

Good luck!

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