My phone will not charge – Motorola W385?

Question by : My phone will not charge - Motorola W385?
I've had this phone for about one year so i don't think i have warranty on it anymore. Anyways.. here's the story.

I was walking home, it rained.. my phone stops charging 😐
I dried it off, everything was working perfectly until the next morning when it said "Low battery" after 6 hours of non-stop charging.

Anyways, I've tried every thing *I'VE EVEN BOUGHT A NEW BATTERY*
The weird thing is, i can take out my battery while it's charging and the phone will still say "Charging battery" Although there is no battery inside the phone.

Is there any way possible to get my phone to charge? please help.

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Answer by ill make you smile 😉
yeah i have a krzr k1m and believe me motorola phones are a piece of sh**. i just orderdd a new battery for mine today cuz mine wouldnt even charge. we should complain to motorola! haha. my advice to you would be to get a new phone and preferably NOT motorola. get a samsung or LG they have really good battery life! my friends have phones by them and their battery at the least lasts 2-3 days. and i dont think you can get your phone to charge. serious water damage dude.

BUT i have a tip.
Whenever your phone get wet put it in like raw uncooked rice. like take the phone apart put the battery and the cell phone in raw rice and the rice will soak up the water. your phone might have a few glitches but it will still work :).

Good luck!

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Question by i♥mydog: Motorola W385?????
is this a good phone??? can you buy covers/cases for it??? owners--- have any good tips?

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Answer by jake p
yea you can get covers and i love mine its a good phone and all my buddies like it to

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