Nokia C6-01 Review - The Nokia C6-01 is a stunning, stylish, chrome styled smartphone from Nokia. Oozing class, yet not carrying a hefty pricetag the Nokia C6-01 is the perfect answer to a portable social networker, internet device and mobile phone all in one. Oh and theres a cameo from Matt and Jay with a bit of Breakdancing! Check out some awesome cheap deals here Check out our channel for more video reviews:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 thoughts on “Nokia C6-01 Review”

  1. Hey unfortunately we don’t have the resources at the moment to show off the secondary cam. It’s a VGA camera so will be ok for video but there are better phones out there for secondary camera.

    The speaker is quite loud though :)

  2. hi can u upload a video of you testing for the secondary cam?

    im really looking for a phone with good secondary cam…

    and can i ask? is the speaker really loud? i want to buy this if it sounds like a express music phone…thank you

  3. excuse me . . . this Nokia C6-01 has a 8 MegaPixel camera right ??? But , is it camera lense was a Carl Zeiss ????? really need the right answer . . . thnx~

  4. The Nokia C6-01 has twice the RAM, a more powerful processor, better touchscreen, more internal memory and a better camera. So, its the Nokia C6-01 that is by far the better phone! :)

  5. hi… im looking for phone with
    ✔ good camera ( dual cam ) for pictures
    ✔ good sounds
    ✔ fast
    i wanna know.. which is better? c6-01 or c6?

  6. This mostly just depends on how good the signal coverage is for the network the phone is on, in your area. Always best to check this first!

  7. [:-bd] wow well the phone is awesome. Can every body suggest me to buy this or not …. [:D]

  8. I’ll go to a concert and i want to record with this phone, and i have a question: Does the quality will be the same if i zoom a lot?

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