Nokia help!!!?

Question by LadyJ: Nokia help!!!?
I forgot the security code for my Nokia 6102 how can I reset it or is there anyway of finiding the code. Please and thank you.
Note: I already called the phone company and they said i need to reset

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Answer by Harry Cat
goto this website.
It show all the codes for Nokia phones.

or punch these codes into your cell.
then punch in this security code
This should do the trick.

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Question by cookies4u1998: Nokia Tracfone Locked?
I have a Nokia tracfone small blue one over 3 yrs old it is asking for a security code I have not set and 12345 does not work I was told to buy a new phone? Does anyone know any tricks or tips.

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Answer by Ike D
If it is an older Nokia model, try and use this master security reset tool.
I've used it before on Nokias and it works well as long as the model is 2006 and older like yours probably is.

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  1. what is that all a about nokia help are you trying to make fun of my name and if you are i do not like it and you better stop

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