Nokia Lumia 1020 Tips, Tricks & Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a fantastic smartphone from Nokia, here's a few tips and tricks to help you get the best from it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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38 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 Tips, Tricks & Review”

  1. show me this trick, when I tap the phone tile I want the keyboard to
    default not the friggin history page of calls…super annoying.
    Also need a trick to have my 1020 connect to Nokia Suite for easy contact
    editing as I do not use Outlook.
    Shame the ‘Nokia Trick Department’ were asleep when designing this phone
    Camera however is SUPER COOL and works as advertised very well.

  2. Hey guys one thing I have noticed if you wish to save heaps of battery
    life, turn off the “double tap to wake up phone” under touch settings:)

  3. hello, there!!
    I was wondering if there any app so I fix photos I took with my Lumia 1020.
    I didn’t notice that u can fix shooters before u take photos, I though I
    could still fix photos after I took them. :( I know I did a stupid thing
    :-!. Hope u can answer. Me. I’ll be glad if I could still fix my photos.
    Have a bless day! Happy Holidays;)!

  4. Hey guys just got my 1020, I am very happy with it. However it seems some
    of the menus (for instance the people menu) is not centered properly. There
    are words slightly cut off on right hand side and if I flick it left there
    is about 5mm of tiles visible on opposite side. Anybody else having this
    problem? And if so how can it be fixed? I am thinking I might have a faulty
    unit….. Anybodies help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Fingers crossed I can fix it without having to return unit.

  5. smart review. I am hoping that I get one of these tomorrow. We are getting
    a family package and the majority of my fam are iphone people so fingers
    crossed this one can be in package. Looks awesome.

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  8. In this comparison tool, the nokia 1020 is crap. Look for yourself. This
    lumia thing, has no more than 13 MP, oversampled.

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    free unlock code for any Lumia . We all need to bookmark this site for the

  10. Both camera apps are going to be getting combined very soon and called
    Nokia Camera..I think it’s called that anyway. Great vid though. Love my

  11. Thanks to all the other people who commented about this site. , Such an
    awesome place, unlocked my Lumia.

  12. Nokia Lumia 920 is Designed with Snapdragon S4 processor which gives you
    extreme graphics & speed in various applications like photography, games,
    movies as well as in Buisness Productivity.I really like this phone due
    attractive features and lower price . Features :- 1. Secondary Camera
    Support 2. 8.7 MP Primary Camera 3. Qi Wireless Charging 4. 4.5-inch
    PureMotion HD+ Capacitive Touchscreen 5. Windows Phone 8 OS 6. 1.5 GHz Dual
    Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor 7. Wi-Fi Enabled

  13. The only thing not available is Snapchat, the rest is there but 3rd party.
    Don’t worry though as they are much better than the official Android
    counterparts! I own a 920.

  14. I switched from Galaxy S Androids to Lumia 920’s windowsphone,and never
    looked back since.IOS is cool,Android is fun,but Windows is elegant!

  15. Yes it supports both, although neither are installed out-the-box. You have
    to download them (for free) from the Windows Phone Store application. Find
    out more about the Nokia Lumia 920 on Recombu Mobile.

  16. Although we do cover US devices, we’re a UK-based publication and the Nokia
    Lumia 920 is available on a number of carriers including T-Mobile in the UK.

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