Nokia Lumia 800 Tips and Tricks: Bing Search App is Amazing

Here's a demo of the Bing Search app built into Windows Phone in the Nokia Lumia 800. The app is amazing, letting you do musical search, visual search, and v...

Some helpful tips to help you get the best of the Nokia Lumia 820 - Nokia's newest Windows Phone 8 equipped smartphone.

21 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 Tips and Tricks: Bing Search App is Amazing”

  1. My Lumia 800 takes me to a Ciao page when I scan a barcode. The one
    featured in the video seems to provide a much better array and layout of
    information. Any ideas how I can make mine like this one?

  2. i m the owner of lumia 800 but i seem doesnt have music icon when bing
    search i only have microphone and eye icon i have the latest update i
    wonder why? like so people can see my question tq

  3. I only have 2 options in the search, to write or the visual search. Why
    don’t I have those other options?

  4. now is this is cool :)) i didnt know this thank s for doing this, maybe the
    other reviewers are only fans of apple and android cause they dont include
    these features in their so-called IN DEPTH REVIEW xD

  5. if you really want WP now, go get it! you will not regret! if you can hold
    on a little bit more, wait for WP apollo, if my prediction is right, it
    will be launched along side with windows8.

  6. I have a lumia 800 and I only have an icon for scanning things. I want the
    music and voice option too, please help!! :(

  7. It’s a default wallpaper in the UK version of the Nokia Lumia 820 (not sure
    of its availability in versions of the handset from other regions). To
    change your wallpaper, head to Settings > Lock Screen > set Background to
    Photo in the drop-down menu and then press the ‘change photo’ button. The
    balloon wallpaper should be an option in the Backgrounds image folder.

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