Nokia N8 Camera Tips and Tricks

Nokia N8 Camera Tips and Tricks A couple tips for the camera app in the NOKIA N8. One tip is how to set the default scene mode and the other tip is how to quic...
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Nokia Lumia 820 Tips and Tricks are shown here in this video and this phone has many great stuffs which most of the consumers do forget about and thus it is ...

24 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Camera Tips and Tricks”

  1. Try flashing ur N8 with Phoenix instead and get the latest Belle Refresh firmware update via Navifirm beforehand. With the latest fw, video is now 30fps.

  2. hi there i was looking at your vids and u seem a n8 pro user so i need help. I have symbian anna and when i wat to install belle it reaches 190/123 mb it stays like this for a minute and then i get a error “nokia service is unavaliable” i searched all over the interent and non of the advices didnt help. Hope u now. i have another problem with the camera app after i install it it stiils run in 25 fps. please help!

  3. Extremely Thanks for Superb trick……..
    Your trick force me to do comment here(my 1st comment- after using 5 years) Just for Your nice trick dude :)
    Thanks “)

  4. My N8s Camera resolution is not good >.< and its not like this. Do I need to go to Phone Technician to Check my phone?

  5. someone i couldn’t understand who spoke like this guy rang my house today selling something, i hung up…

  6. brader plis neks taym vblog on haw to kuk praperli chapati or parota ayd layk it so match tenks eniwey…..

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