Nokia N8 ? Sleek Sensation

Nokia N8 ? Sleek Sensation

The Nokia N8 is, without doubt, one of the most anticipated terminals of the season. Latest hardware, excellent build quality and the latest evolution of Symbian as the operating system are the strong points of the last representative of the number N. Nokia has given us the opportunity to try it in first person and I told you that we expect from the big bet of Nokia in the smartphone market. The Nokia N8 will be available after the summer for about 500 euros (free).

Here is nokia N8 review:
The Nokia N8 has excellent build quality, highlighting the anodized aluminum chassis (except for the screen frame and profiles, which are of high quality plastic) and a brilliant assembly but with a trick: to improve the structural integrity of Nokia terminal has opted to use screws to secure the back cover. In practice means that we must remove the battery to change or insert the SIM (transactions that should be rare on the other side).

One of the most criticized aspects of the last great exponent of the number N was the resistive screen. Fortunately, Nokia has already shown its good performance with capacitive technology in various models and the Nokia N8 offers a fantastic display. The native resolution of 640 x 360 is not of record (the iPhone 4 or S Galaxy get over Samsung, to name two examples) but offers a dot density is more than enough to display text, photographs and images with vivid clarity. Colors show vividly the contrast is enough to show deep blacks, although it will prove that it behaves very bright outdoors.

Although the touch screen is the primary means to interact with the Nokia has included physical buttons discreetly Power, volume control and menu. We liked the metal tab lock, very strong and well resolved from the aesthetic point of view.

The new Nokia N8  has Symbian operating system. The Nordic firm is investing much time in polishing performance of the software (in fact, is the reason why the phone is being delayed) in order to forget the infamous mini N97 bugs that were fixed in subsequent updates.

Although what we saw is not a final version (beta 23 weeks) it is a stage of development sufficient to draw the first conclusions. And to tell the user to wait a radical departure from what had been offering Nokia will be disappointed: ^ 3 Symbian commitment to evolution rather than revolution, improving many details but unspectacular final experience and improve performance by optimizing the of the system, which is a traumatic change for the usual brand and trying to maintain a smooth learning curve for novices.

Among the most notable improvements are a much more polished multimedia section (the player is fantastic), options to share content very well implemented, easier management of the panels start and the possibility to interact (data transfer and playback of multimedia) with any compatible USB storage devices (must be in FAT32). On the negative side a browser that still does not convince.

At this point it is worth to mention two interesting details: the HDMI works perfectly and has the video and audio (Dolby Surround Pro) in high definition with total flow (we tried a couple of trailers in 720p MKV). The other aspect is related to the connectivity management: now the operating system (and without third-party applications) can automatically switch between 3G and WiFi, saving battery and providing the best speed Internet access at all times.

Nokia N8 price:
The Nokia N8 price is approximately 370 euros. I say free because so far there is no known company that offers the terminal (Vodafone, Movistar, Orange). Be assumed that the cost will drop significantly by hiring a voice and data rate with any of these operators.

Finally, to say that Nokia has prepared several colors for the Nokia N8, another example of youth and personalized approach that is going to take part in the philosophy of the manufacturers.

The Nokia N8 offers an impressive technological equipment, modern design and rugged construction and well resolved from the aesthetic point of view but in our opinion, Symbian continues to lag behind other systems when it comes to high-end smartphones and get it very difficult to compete directly with supply available for the second part of the year (Ovi developments will also have influence on this point.) The decision to leave Nokia for Symbian Meego for their high end phones confirmed our impressions.

In any case, it would be unfair to the Nokia N8 qualify as a disappointing product. In fact, I augur little commercial success that operators are involved with the device and provide subsidized affordable. Nokia faithful to find what they want and users to prioritize the technological arsenal, the camera and the added value offered free lifetime GPS or HDMI output (to give a few examples) as opposed to other factors found in the N8 a smartphone really interesting and probably a set final price than other options.

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