30 thoughts on “Nokia N9 Tips & Tricks”

  1. Am vazut ca este destul de bun acest telefon, dar am o nedumerire: Am auzit ca nu are la fel de multe aplicatii ca si Androidul si as dori sa stiu daca pot pune aplicatii pe acest telefon.. aplicatii si jocuri gen temple run , swbway etc.. :)

  2. esti un terminat ma. In primul rand eu nu m-am luat d tine…ok? m-am luat de tel pt k e praf e varza si nu merita efortul. In al 2-lea rand sa-mi sugi pula

  3. Nokia’s redundant workers have set up a new mobile phone company, (Jolla Mobile), and they are developing new MeeGo mobile phones. They are Finnish. The new phone will be available up to this year.

  4. nokia should make more meego phones and develop and support N9 more. sadly their dumping meego :(

  5. Nokia N9 not support whatsapp
    whatsapp not work with N9 and i will sale my mobile
    ما انصح احد يشتري هذا الجهاز الغبي
    لايدعم الوتساب
    الوتساب لا يعمل مع هذا الجهاز الغبي وبعض التطبيقات الاخرى

  6. First N9 released before ios 5 second nokia coppied it and the notification drop down from android

  7. it would have been cool if you showed us how you achieved this SSH stuff with your n900 and your computer first.

  8. A ‘Mobile PC’ N900 that can’t even work well in handling its own phone & sms function, what a shame…

    Used to be a supporter ever since 3310, until tis MYR2k spent buying a HANGER …very last time for a Nokia, who sell experimental products & HANGER.

  9. N900’s Multitasking is an effective Endtask function.

    N900 With the ‘X App is not responding, do you want to terminate’ 30 times a day , it’s even better than all the HANGERS add up in my cupboard!

    No wonder Nokia works best with Microsoft, sure MS could help sorting the same issue they’ve solved years ago!

    This is the piece of Sh*t I’ve bought from Nokia 9 months ago, wasted my MYR2k, getting back tons of frustration.

  10. @glowcode: I don’t know which carries it will work with, but the N900 is GSM. Tmobile was bought by AT&T. If they were to fade out Tmobile, it wouldn’t really matter be cause it would still be GSM because both AT&T and Tmobile are GSM and the N900 already works on both.

  11. Does anyone know what carrier the n9’s gonna land on in the US? Hopefully not t-mobile, because they’re probably going away soon because of the merger.

  12. @RootOfTheNull: I’m in the US. The N900 is a GSM phone. I know it works with Tmobile and AT&T. But, I’ve been told that on AT&T the n900 doesn’t work with 3G, so you have a slower Internet speed. At lest that is what I’ve been told. 3G works fine with the N900 on Tmobile (that’s what I have).

  13. I’ve been looking more into it and I’m just now starting to learn about the whole GSM and CDMA compatability business.

    In a nutshell, will the n900 ( or any other similar phones ) work will US Cellular?

  14. @John8pie: Nokia is going to release one Meego phone soon. I think it’s the N9. It will be expensive at first, but if I didn’t already have an N900 I would save up for it.

  15. I’ve started to save up some money to buy a Linux phone like this. I’ve been leaning more to the Nokia N900, but are there any other (reasonably priced) phones you might recommend? Or maybe an updated N900 I’m not aware of?

  16. Can you do hacking tutorials and how to prevent it ? (I don’t want to learn this information for illegal reasons just for educational reasons)

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