Nokia Pureview 808 Tips and Tricks Part 1

This video is tells you about different options, tips and tricks you may get benefit of on your nokia pureview 808 - this is part 1.
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Question by A: How can I convince my parents to get me a smartphone?
My parents are offering to get me a cell phone for school, because they are worried something might happen to me. I'm really happy to get one, but I'm kinda hoping for a smartphone (hopefully with a decent data plan!). I would love to be able to connect to the internet while I'm out and get free apps and games. I'm really excited for the apps because they can be used for a whole bunch of things and I'm starting to learn a language this school year and having a dictionary on my phone without having to buy an expensive one would be really helpful. So, do you guys have any tips on how to convince my parents? Thanks!

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Answer by Joseph the Second
-Tell Them THAT's what You REALLY Want- for Christmas. -And Then keep Your Fingers Crossed. 😉

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