19 thoughts on “Nokia X2-01 Tips and Tricks”

  1. Salam…friend set the phone on vibrate mode just hold a ctrl key…..cell
    goes on vibrate mode…ok hope this information helpful….

  2. when screen was black I used to press the end key and date and time will
    appear now somehow thats gone and all I sse is normal screen which is small
    for my eyes any suggestions for the big time and date screen

  3. Very useful; thanks ! But how can I open the USB connector port on my X2-01
    without damaging the phone?

  4. Brilliant fone…can someone tell me how to make folders in
    messaging…like jokes, quotes etc…thank u

  5. how to make a voice chat using this device with yahoo or skype or anyother
    app??? i have this phone but cant use voice chat

  6. i charge it once in 3 days… it stays so long… i play songs games..etc
    etc all de stuff dat u use the phone for… evn call.. speakers loud… its
    an awsome cell…

  7. Are u dumb ? In this world there are 240+ countries and most of them have
    their own language but for the sake of global communication they learn
    English. Now its very natural that they will pronounce it in a way which is
    naturally close to their local accent…

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